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FastX3 software outage - Saturday July 1, resolved by 7:45 pm

Date Posted: July 3, 2023

UPDATE: License installed and issue resolved about 7:45pm on Saturday July 1st

The new FastX3 license that went into effect on July 1 is not working.  We have reached out StarNet to resolve this issue but most likely we will not hear back from them until Monday at the earliest.
Until then, there are alternatives to using FastX to open a ssh session on CHPC resources.  For additional information on the alternatives please visit
We will provide an update when the license issue has been resolved.
These file systems will be updated one at a time.  When a given file system is being updated, the file system will not be accessible.  If you cannot access a given space on one of these file systems, please wait about 30 minutes and try again. 

Beehive and Narwhal 

Both systems will have OS updates applied.  In addition, the version of ArcGIS will be updated from version 2 (2.5.2 on Narwhal and 2.9 on Beehive) to version 3.1 on both systems. Expect the servers to be unavailable for most of the day. 

Please address any questions or concerns to

Last Updated: 7/3/23