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Date Published: September 8, 2023

In light of a recent incident, CHPC is reaching out to remind our users of their responsibility to understand what the software being used is doing, especially software that you download, install, or compile yourself.

This is especially important when you use software that integrates with an external service. Two notable examples of this are OpenAI and ChatGPT. When you use these services, you are giving your data to an external organization. Please take the sensitivity of your data into consideration before making use of this type of software. Do not assume something is authorized just because it's technically possible!

The University of Utah, CHPC, and all CHPC users have a responsibility to protect their sensitive or confidential data. Failing in this responsibility can cause actual harm to real people, and the penalties for a data breach can be severe.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. CHPC will work with you and, if necessary, the appropriate campus organizations (i.e. the Privacy Office; the Institutional Security Office; and Governance, Risk, and Compliance) to help you perform your research safely and legally.
Last Updated: 9/8/23