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Spring 2017 CHPC Presentation Schedule

1-2pm INSCC auditorium unless noted otherwise.  There is no cost to attend these presentations.  Only the XSEDE workshops require registration (with XSEDE not CHPC).
* These classes are 1-3pm in INSCC Auditorium
** about 9am-3pm, CHPC Training Lab (room 407)



Presentation Title
Tuesday,  January 17th XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: OpenMP** Martin Cuma
Thursday, January 19th Overview of HPC and CHPC Resources Anita Orendt
Tuesday, January 24th Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 1* Anita Orendt and Martin Cuma
Tuesday, February 7th Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 2* Anita Orendt and Martin Cuma
Thursday, February 9th Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 3* Anita Orendt and Martin Cuma
Friday, February 10th XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: Big Data** Martin Cuma
Tuesday, February 14th Introduction to the use of Modules  Anita Orendt
Thursday, February 16th Introduction to Slurm and Slurm Batch Scripts Anita Orendt
Tuesday, February 21th Hands-on Introduction to Python, Part 1* Wim Cardoen, David Heidorn
Thursday, February 23th Hands-on Introduction to Python, Part 2* Wim Cardoen, David Heidorn
Tuesday, February 28th Hands-on Introduction to Numpy/Scipy* Wim Cardoen, David Heidorn
Thursday, March 2nd Introduction to the Use of Open Science Grid Resources Wim Cardoen, Martin Cuma
Tuesday, March 7th The use of R on the CHPC Resources* Wim Cardoen
Tuesday, April 11th Virtualization containers for application usability and reproducibility Martin Cuma

Tuesday, Apr 18th
Wednesday, Apr 19th

XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: MPI Martin Cuma


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