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Summer 2019 CHPC Presentation Schedule

All courses will be held in the INSCC Auditorium (Room 110) unless otherwise noted.

* 1 hour
** 2 hours, Hands-on
*** 9am-3pm, with break for lunch

Remote participation will be available using Zoom for all but the XSEDE workshop. However, we strongly encourage in-person participation for the hands-on presentations.

No registration required for most presentations.  Exceptions are for the XSEDE workshops which require registration through XSEDE. We will send a message to users when registration opens for a given workshop (typically about 1 month prior).

In addition, for the Build-a Cluster workshop, space is limited, so we will also do advanced registration about 1 month prior to the workshop.


Presentation Title
Tuesday, May 14 1-2pm Introduction to HPC & CHPC * Anita Orendt
Thursday, May 16 1-2pm Module Basics * Anita Orendt
Thursday, May 30 1-2pm Slurm Basics * Anita Orendt
June 3-6 9am-3pm XSEDE Summer Boot Camp *** Brett Milash
Tuesday, June 11 1-3pm Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 1 ** Anita Orendt, Brett Milash
Thursday, June 13 1-3pm Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 2 ** Brett Milash, Anita Orendt
Tuesday, June 18 1-3pm Hands-on Introduction to Linux, part 3 ** Brett Milash, Anita Orendt
Thursday, June 20 1-3pm Introduction to Python, Part 1 ** Brett Milash 
Tuesday, June 25 1-3pm Introduction to Python, Part 2 ** Brett Milash, Wim Cardoen
Thursday, June 27 1-3pm Introduction to Numpy Part 1 (Python, Part 3)** Wim Cardoen, Brett Milash
Tuesday July 2 1-3pm Introduction to Numpy Part 2 (Python, Part 4)** Wim Cardoen, Brett Milash
July 15-19

Start 10am

End between 3-5pm

Build a Cluster Workshop

Will be at Datacenter; watch for announcement for registration in June 

Brian Haymore
August 6-8 9am-3pm XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: Big Data *** Martin Cuma
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