CHPC - Research Computing Support for the University

In addition to deploying and operating high performance computational resources and providing advanced user support and training, CHPC serves as an expert team to broadly support the increasingly diverse research computing needs on campus. These needs include support for big data, big data movement, data analytics, security, virtual machines, Windows science application servers, protected environments for data mining and analysis of protected health information, and advanced networking.

Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering Summer School

posted: 4/17/2015

We are happy to announce that we will again be one of about ten sites nation wide webcasting this year's Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering Summer School classes.

For more information and to register, please visit the following links:

Performance Tuning: 8/17-21

Science Visualization: 8/24-25

Power Outage of INSCC Building

posted: 4/15/2015

All occupants of  INSCC --

There is an electrical outage scheduled for the INSCC Building on Monday April 20, 2015.  Power is scheduled to be out from 5:00AM until 5:30 AM.  Please be sure to turn off all computers and other equipment in the office/lab areas of the building before 5 AM on Monday morning.

For those with equipment in the INSCC computer room:  Please make arrangements to have all non-essential equipment turned off before this time in order to avoid problems with heat as the AC unit is not on the backup generator. This will allow us to keep critical gear operational using the UPS during this window.  If you have any concerns about turning off equipment in this room please talk to either Joe Breen or Alan Wisniewski by Friday afternoon.

Ebola Research at UofU Highlighted in HPCWire

HPCWire: NCSA's Blue Waters to Help Researchers Tackle Ebola


News History...

Autism children

Autism Research within CHPC’s Protected Environment

The Utah Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Project (UT-ADDM) headed by Deborah Bilder, M.D. and William McMahon, M.D. in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, uses CHPC’s  robust protected environment that allows researchers using protected health information (PHI) to gather, process and store data, increasing user productivity and compliance.  In addition to access to high performance computing power, other tangible benefits for researchers using PHI is that the CHPC handles systems management issues, such as rapid response to electrical power issues, provision of reliable cooling and heating, VPN support for a work-anywhere computing experience, and ensuring a hardened, secure environment compared to office computers or departmental servers. For the institution this resource allows much better compliance and reduces the vulnerabilities of exposure of PHI data. 

System Status

last update: 04/21/15 12:32 am
General Nodes
system procs % util.
ember 132/924 14.29%
kingspeak 772/832 92.79%
lonepeak 256/256 100%
Restricted Nodes
system procs % util.
ash 4068/6316 64.41%
ember 336/768 43.75%
kingspeak 1792/3432 52.21%
lonepeak 400/640 62.5%

Cluster Utilization